Leo’s accidental watercolor


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I used my own carved wood sticks to make this drawing and permanent ink, on a stillman and birn Zeta series notebook. Then I applied W&N cotman’s watercolors witha petit gris brush

the result was ok, with a few spots here and there but overall I’m happy with this :)

IMG_4776 copyIMG_2615

Trial and Error


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It all started when I messed up this watercolor


I made a sketch of the drawing, which became more simplified

I used my carved willow sticks to apply ink in simplified strokes to get the essence of the sketch

2 10557390_800726376645745_1221161449125554133_nThen I applied colors

At the end the character was different so I don’t know which I like best but I think the black and white :)


Sketchpad Project 2014 Days 1-7


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4 Untitled-3 Untitled-5 Copy of 4 Copy of Untitled-3

2 0 1A mini sketch per day

This collection of mini drawings 4″ x 3 1/2″ will go on through the month of August, one/day, done on site, with time-stamp and Geo-location just like last year, same format. At the end of August the mini sketchbook accordion will be sent back to Cape Town, South Africa for exhibition. Thank you Di Metcalf for the sketchpad Project!

Detailed urban sketches


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I am trying to spend more time on details. here is the first set of images. I took about 40 min on each. The notebook is small. next time I’ll use a bigger norebook for even more detail. I used a Lamy pen and Stillman and Birn sketchbooks.

2 6 Untitled-1