Sketchpad Project -Mini Drawings


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This collection of mini drawings are 4″ x 3 1/2″ and part of a big accordion-like sketchbook with 31 squares.

Here are three more of the collection, recently made with Urban Sketchers Boston site visits

First image is one of the gallery rooms at the Museum of Natural History at Harvard; second image is a well know site, Acord Street In Boston, MA;  the last one is an interior at the Tower building at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

These were done with a Lamy Safari EF, the paper feels like Fabriano with texture, not sure what paper is as I was given this little sketchbook as a gift and it was hand made by my friend Di Metcalf who runs an art store in Cape Town SA

3 Untitled-1 2

Family Portrait sketch


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This sketch was done on Bristol Plate, with Lamy EF pen and Cotman’s Watercolors. 20 min. Here is the black and white and the color version. I used little lines because I wanted the color brush strokes to be more visible. Its a very light watercolor study.

IMG_5338 copy


These above are random sketches from last month the first one with a nib and handle on a bristol plate mini sketchbook and the second with the Lamy Pen on Stillman and Birn notebook

Quick inks on figure drawing


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Stillman and Birn paper Beta Series /Lamy pen SF nib
quick 10 min studies

They always tell me  about my squiggly lines, I use them in all quick sketches regardless the subject. Ink has always been my favorite medium and when I discovered the combination of Stillman and Birn Paper, Lamy pens and Noodler’s ink I felt that from then on I could just draw anything and forget about struggling with materials to get the best flow, permanence and all the nuisance of adapting this to that and try that again. I can just concentrate on enjoying myself now :)
Untitled-3Untitled-1Stillman and Birn paper Beta Series /Lamy pen SF nib
quick 10 min study

This one below was completed with W&N cotman mini traveler watercolor kit


Leo’s accidental watercolor


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I used my own carved wood sticks to make this drawing and permanent ink, on a stillman and birn Zeta series notebook. Then I applied W&N cotman’s watercolors witha petit gris brush

the result was ok, with a few spots here and there but overall I’m happy with this :)

IMG_4776 copyIMG_2615

Trial and Error


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It all started when I messed up this watercolor


I made a sketch of the drawing, which became more simplified

I used my carved willow sticks to apply ink in simplified strokes to get the essence of the sketch

2 10557390_800726376645745_1221161449125554133_nThen I applied colors

At the end the character was different so I don’t know which I like best but I think the black and white :)