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Back to portrait sketches, I used two points of copic multiliner, the 0.25 to start and the 0.7 for finishing touches. As less is always more, rule of thumb, I try to leave the area closer to the edges very loose and undefined so the attention remains on the center of the face and the expression. To me the most important element in a face is the eyes. If I get the right expression, accurate to the subject, the rest of the drawing is pretty much resolved; however the mouth is also very important, as the second feature to get just right.

I decided to scan Joe’s sketch before I add watercolor so I can give him both choices in print.

JoeQuick portrait study of Joe L.
Copic marker on bristol plate

In this case, again the eyes are the key to the expression. I did exaggerate the intensity, because I thought it was a powerful and engaging feature that should caught all the attention. In all my drawings I try to give them certain personality that has to do with my personal perception of the subject as first impression. The contrast of Don’s beautiful light gray eyes is in striking contrast with the rich black tone of the shirt.


Portrait study of Don I.
Copic marker on bristol plate