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Here is a demo I am working on for colour pencil portraits

First step is the proportions using a stick, length width  and blocking masses            IMG_0648

Step 2: setting features and likeness (This should be broken up a bit more, I know..)IMG_0650

step 3 Detailing the features more IMG_0656

Step 4 -Using a pillow eraser to evenly tone down the pencil marks (H pencil)IMG_0658

Step 5 -Erasing plotting lines and extra linesIMG_0662

Step 6 – With a base skin tone in the whole face of the lightest light tone, start with detail on the eyesIMG_0664 IMG_0665

Step 7 -Continuing the nose and lips with a base tone a bit more intense than the first skin tone layerIMG_0667

Step 8 -Always look at the work at a distance to catch any awkwardness in the expression. Here I frame the face with the hair and I detail the earIMG_0673

Step 9 -Intensify skin tones and proceed with clothing and faded background. I use the background as a neutral tone to create contrast where needed for the face to “pop-out” of the paperIMG_0674 IMG_0676

step 10 -Continue working on the hair by breaking it down to sort of geometric shapes that you fill with tones of brown and highlights, do some loose strands here and there to give sense of hair textureIMG_0684

The completed workIMG_0686

I plan to open a youtube channel and do this demonstrations on video. I am working on it, I’ll probably start with watercolor techniques for portraits and add other media like this one, charcoal and others 🙂 stay tuned! 😉