Upgrading Detail

D9EDD9BB-1336-43DF-A391-D5466EB4BDCA.jpegI have been studying anatomy and expression, and revisiting the Reilly method of drawing. I learned the Reilly method through years of working at a studio of a very accomplished portrait artist in Boston: Mr Ouelette. Barbara Morse, another brilliant artist and wonderful woman, gave classes in his studio for years, and I was a fly on the wall learning as I posed in her demonstrations.

To me this is the best method I have seen as it is very organic and flexible, it has beautiful rhythm and it’s dynamic and lively. Here my attempts to experiment and implement this in my figures.

In my opinion the best source is Faragasso’s book, as Frank Reilly didn’t write any books on his method, yet his pupils did. Frank himself was a pupil of Bridgman who’s books are a bible for anyone who wants to get seriously in depth learning the construction of the human figure.

There’s three basic foundations to draw people: 1- understanding anatomy, 2- studying proportions and method of construction (Bridgman) and the academic classic Atelier method, and 3- learning to see the rhythm, grace and beauty of the human machine (Reilly)

2 thoughts on “Upgrading Detail

  1. Bill November 1, 2017 / 4:40 am

    I agree — although there is a tremendous range of work that is worth considering. In the last couple of years I’ve been looking more at the old masters — particularly from the Italian Renaissance — and differentiating more clearly between quick sketches and more finished works. There is a quality to the quick sketches that I like that reminds me of calligraphy. I’m not quite as impressed by highly realistic treatments in longer works as I once was — I always want to be reminded of the purity of the line and the ability to suggest volume and form with minimal rendering. I want to know that I’m looking at a drawing and not something that resembles a photo. I take particular delight in going to old master drawing exhibits and have been looking forward to the Michelangelo exhibit at the Met that’s opening this month.

    There’s so much stuff out there that is simply breathtaking.

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