New PDF art – tutorials compendium “Living Creatures”

From the creators of “Pen and Ink” compendium previously shared here

Here at Sketching Workshop Facebook group community of 150 artists, we have been busy! creating our second publication PDF on “Living Creatures” a compendium of techniques by members of our Group. Eight authors from different countries:
Stacy Egan, Barbara Moore, Inge Leonora-den Ouden, Suzie Althens, Amanda Lee Conduct, Jane Pereira Siebert, Wes Douglas and Myself (with my tutorial on “Drawing Marine Life”)

living creatures

This PDF will be release this coming Monday to social media, and will be under the the Wiki Commons collection with license for free sharing.
Our previous “Pen and Ink” publication has been incorporated in art classes in several local art schools and widely appreciated.

At Sketching Workshop our motto is:
“What is not given is lost”

HERE it is below!

Living Creatures

A sneak peek into my watercolor tutorial on sea creatures

I am collaborating on a project (like my previous collaboration on Pen and Ink book) on “Living Creatures”. My theme is marine life 🙂

Today I submitted my finished article and will publish here very shortly as the head of the project assembles the work of several collaborating artists.