One Week 100 People Challenge

Following the challenge that Marc Holmes posted in his blog:

#OneWeek100People2018: Day One: Metro Sketching!
I decided to take part this year. I love sketching people. from gesture to expressions, from loose to detailed. I thought this could be a good opportunity to warm up as I haven’t been sketching much lately. Today is Day 4. i will be adding one last day tomorrow. I hope I can make it! I used the Pentelbrush for most of these.

Update Friday March 9 3:04 pm challenge completed!


Only in Blue

We are a group of 150 artists and illustrators that share work and techniques

we often “play” challenges like this in which we limit the materials and try to come up with something creative, then play a guessing game to see who drew what.

We call it Sherlock. In this case, we limited the challenge to just a few list of materials and one color

imgeeed46f3zikazj copy sherlock3 copy sherlock2 sherlock1

First 5 days of the Sketchpad Project

I was invited to take part on a project for fun that is about doing one sketch a day. This is an idea from my friends in Cape Town South Africa. I thought it was interesting and exciting. this little accordion booklet will go there once I reach the end of the month! 🙂

here are the first 5 days and these are urban sketches of Boston. I noted geo location time of the day and date 🙂

The sketches are done in ink with a Lamy and digitally colored with my own personal set of self made Photoshop brushes

1 2 3 4 5

Urban Sketcher’s Challenge -Draw your kitchen!

I tried Dr. Martin’s watercolors on Canson watercolor panels. The first two are on Bristol plate panel. I like this panels a lot. it’s easier to scan without warping the paper, and also it is easier to avoid “poodles” of paint

very vibrant ! I love the saturationUntitled-1 Untitled-5 55 99