Urban Sketchers Boston Meetups

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The Pilot fountain pen calligraphy Purera with a converter for noodler’s bulletproof ink. Very happy about it ! It doesn’t clog and a very smooth line! Here with the last two meetups sketching the Boston Garden and Fanueil Hall. Views from above are challenging as the perspective of the human scales don’t have the horizon line reference,so pretty much going by eye and by buildings proportion to scale them.

Urban Sketchers Boston
Urban Sketchers Boston

Sketchpad Project -Mini Drawings

This collection of mini drawings are 4″ x 3 1/2″ and part of a big accordion-like sketchbook with 31 squares.

Here are three more of the collection, recently made with Urban Sketchers Boston site visits

First image is one of the gallery rooms at the Museum of Natural History at Harvard; second image is a well know site, Acord Street In Boston, MA;  the last one is an interior at the Tower building at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

These were done with a Lamy Safari EF, the paper feels like Fabriano with texture, not sure what paper is as I was given this little sketchbook as a gift and it was hand made by my friend Di Metcalf who runs an art store in Cape Town SA

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Sketchpad Project 2014 Days 1-7

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2 0 1A mini sketch per day

This collection of mini drawings 4″ x 3 1/2″ will go on through the month of August, one/day, done on site, with time-stamp and Geo-location just like last year, same format. At the end of August the mini sketchbook accordion will be sent back to Cape Town, South Africa for exhibition. Thank you Di Metcalf for the sketchpad Project!

A Collaborate Book Project -Sketching in Pen & Ink Tecniques

I am pleased to begin FREE distribution of this PDF that we, the Sketching Workshop Group have authored.

The SW group is a free association of urban / city sketchers across the world. 150 artists working mainly on architectural renderings, sharing mutual knowledge, and ongoing critiques of everyone’s work in a social friendly atmosphere. The group includes architects, and working artists.

This is our first collaborated project. We are eager to work together and share our tips and techniques across social media, including the Wiki Commons. Please feel free to redistribute. This is not intended for sale anywhere in the web.

This booklet has articles written by 8 authors, including myself. I also had the pleasure to do the final layout.

The work includes tips and techniques advise by working artists:

Jorge Royan -Buenos Aires, Argentina -Founder of the group.

Jennifer Lawson -Portalnd ME USA

Di Metcalf -Cape Town, South Africa

Doug Bodel -San Francisco, CA USA

Wesley E. Douglas -Chicago IL USA

Percy Acuña -Lima Peru

Jonatan Alcina Segura -Cáliz, Spain

and myself, Laura V. Sfiat -Boston, MA USA

Download HERE > PenInkFinal-Alpha

Microsoft Word - BBBBB Pen line work (JR)

First 5 days of the Sketchpad Project

I was invited to take part on a project for fun that is about doing one sketch a day. This is an idea from my friends in Cape Town South Africa. I thought it was interesting and exciting. this little accordion booklet will go there once I reach the end of the month! 🙂

here are the first 5 days and these are urban sketches of Boston. I noted geo location time of the day and date 🙂

The sketches are done in ink with a Lamy and digitally colored with my own personal set of self made Photoshop brushes

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