Leo’s accidental watercolor

I used my own carved wood sticks to make this drawing and permanent ink, on a stillman and birn Zeta series notebook. Then I applied W&N cotman’s watercolors witha petit gris brush

the result was ok, with a few spots here and there but overall I’m happy with this 🙂

IMG_4776 copyIMG_2615

Trial and Error

It all started when I messed up this watercolor


I made a sketch of the drawing, which became more simplified

I used my carved willow sticks to apply ink in simplified strokes to get the essence of the sketch

2 10557390_800726376645745_1221161449125554133_nThen I applied colors

At the end the character was different so I don’t know which I like best but I think the black and white 🙂


Only in Blue

We are a group of 150 artists and illustrators that share work and techniques


we often “play” challenges like this in which we limit the materials and try to come up with something creative, then play a guessing game to see who drew what.

We call it Sherlock. In this case, we limited the challenge to just a few list of materials and one color

imgeeed46f3zikazj copy sherlock3 copy sherlock2 sherlock1