Happy New Year 2013 -Greetings from Boston

winterThis Drawing was done on my Stillman and Birn Sketchbook and scanned to be coloured in Photoshop. I do my own brushes in Photoshop from scratch by creating my own presets out of my hand brush strokes, then I stamped them on the image picking the right composition colors, the rest is just gradations and fills in masked areas, varying opacity in the layering.

The spirit of NEW year 2014

Wish the best for all of you who follow my blog, my regards to your families and utmost gratitude for visiting my blog!

First 5 days of the Sketchpad Project

I was invited to take part on a project for fun that is about doing one sketch a day. This is an idea from my friends in Cape Town South Africa. I thought it was interesting and exciting. this little accordion booklet will go there once I reach the end of the month! 🙂

here are the first 5 days and these are urban sketches of Boston. I noted geo location time of the day and date 🙂

The sketches are done in ink with a Lamy and digitally colored with my own personal set of self made Photoshop brushes

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